Choosing Best Mobile Apps Technology : Native vs Hybrid Mobile Apps

Okay, hi again all.. Since my previous article is about starting to build hybrid apps,

So, you may want to comparise hybrid vs native mobile apps.

It’s an age old question that refuses to go away, we thought it was time to revisit… Which one you gonna use?

But, i think we should stop this debate. Going hybrid or native is depend on your own preference, kind of apps you wanna build and what you need to build.

I prefer use hybrid cz its easier for me to adapt. I’m a front-end developer, i knows well about html5, css and jaavscript. Since hybrid allows me to use that kind of development tools, so, hybrid make it easier for me.  And.. i need to build cross-paltorm application ( i need to run my application on android and iOS, but i don’t have basic on objective-C). Also, phonegap provide enaugh API to access hardware capabilities of the mobile device that i need. In this case, i just need camera, acces to gallery, open file browser and gps to detect location.

With hybrid, i can run faster, and low cost, and save time cz its a cross-paltform application.

Native, HTML5, Hybrid mobile apps

Native vs HTML5 Hybrid

Here some useful links for you to help you decide 😀

What is hybrid mobile apps?

Native, HTML 5 or Hybrid : Understanding Your Mobile Application Development Options

Native vs Hybrid Comparison

Choosing The Best Mobile Application Development Technology



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